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Restaurant Cleaning Services Melbourne

Restaurant cleaning services

Mars Cleaning is the name you can trust when it comes to high level of Restaurant cleaning services in Melbourne. We have experienced, courteous, efficient and hardworking team of cleaners to promise you 100% Restaurant cleaning.Honesty and integrity are an important part of our core values. That's why all of our cleaners go through a rigorous interview process, and are reference-checked and id-verified before being selected. In Hotel, Restaurant and Food industry, we do cleaning with very high standard. We strictly follow safety and hygienic procedure. Our aim is to provide satisfactory services for your premises.

commercial kitchen cleaning services

Mars cleaning offers following services in restaurant kitchen

  • Windows, Mirrors and Doors cleaning.
  • Vacuum carpets and upholstery.
  • Sweep, scrub and wash/mop floor tiles, marble or hearths with environmentally safe products hospital grade disinfectant.(to avoid cross contamination).
  • Remove cob web, wall spot , skirting board dust.

We specialize in providing a high quality, personalized service that is different to all other cleaning businesses. We change the concept of cleaning by involving ourselves. We have experienced, courteous, efficient and hard working team members of cleaners to provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

kitchen floor cleaning

Some of Our Restaurant Cleaning Services to achieve high level of cleaning.

  • Scrub the kitchen Floor.
  • Clean dishwasher and the dish area.
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms and function rooms.
  • Empty the trash bin, ashtrays and replace liners.
  • Unclog the drain, clean and sanitize the sink.
  • Clean light's switch.

Its our guarantee that you feel difference after schedule cleaning. Any suggestion or comments will be proceed immediately to fulfill clients requirements without waiting for schedule cleaning. Perfection is our goal and Satisfaction is our guarantee